I’m an Italian coin and medal artist. I love drawing and modeling, and I am constantly on the lookout for Harmony and Beauty in everything around me: from coins to landscapes to my beloved family. I’m from Rome, so I was born and bred into beauty and harmony! My most important aim is to bring them into my designs and sculptures, as in my life and relationships.
Love for art, craft and creativity have always been part of me. But I would have never thought to put my creativity in the numismatic field, before my encounter with the Art School of the Italian mint, an exclusive and ancient school located in Rome.

By winning the admissions competition as the first in the rankings, a world opened up in front of me. It was a world completely new to me, which slowly became more and more important in my life: the charm and the challenge of communicating art and concepts within a small metal round shaped artwork, brought me closer to the art of money and medal, so much to become my main work, between national and most of all international clients. In these 10 years as a freelancer, my passion, as well as the comparison with artists and colleagues from all over the world, have always encouraged me to continue with tenacity: traveling and keeping me constantly up to date, and challenging myself have enriched my resume much more than any other important commissions.

A fundamental experience in this regard was the participation in the first Coin Design Forum, held in Shanghai in November 2019. The first great world meeting for designers in this fascinating sector was a more unique than rare opportunity to get in touch with many excellent colleagues from all over the world, and to look together at the future of the art of coin. In this great event I gave a speech on the aesthetics of coin design and the impact of new technologies on it, and I had the honor of attending the jury of the first Shanghai Coin Design Competition. The great emotions and precious lessons I learned from this experience will remain alive in me for a very long time.


I accompany my clients along the entire creative process of the requested product, from the design concept to the realization of the plaster model for the minting, through 4 simple steps:

1) Listening to the client, in order to get to the heart of his wishes and purposes.
2) Studying the chosen theme and the technical characteristics of the product, and development of the first preparatory ideas and sketches
3) Discussing with the customer to define the final design
4) If required, providing a hand-made realization of the plaster model needed for the minting.
If you are a private client, I’m glad to direct you towards the company or mint most suitable for the realization of the project, and to provide some advice until the complete realization of the product.

The client is actively involved in every step and is encouraged to intervene at any time to build together the best result possible.

Chiara Principe - Coin designer